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The big names of the big guys at computex in Taipei

Date,:2017-05-23The editor : Iproda

Every year, the latest high-end computers and products around the computer are released at computex. In addition to the amazing new devices at the show, there are also interviews with the big coffee stations on different perspectives on the industry. We can from the interview from the sniffer to enterprise, industry planning and development in the future, sometimes we may hear classic words such as "ma", but not chicken soup. Today we're going to look back at some of the important things that the big names at the computer show in Taipei have said. 

Taipei computex in 2015, the shadow chi zhongguancun online in front of the reporters in an interview with studio specifically for shadow Mr Chia-hao Chou and shadow chi chi global product director global product manager Mr Chan wai kin conducted on-site interviews. After interview guests show brand not only depend on the graphics card a single product line, but the extension to the storage, and other DIY hardware parallel development, is committed to make stronger more products, make the choice of players is also more abundant.

Known as the first year of VR in 2016, the first year is called, is because in 2016, headed by HTC VR hardware equipment brand overnight rapid rise, and the demand of the VR technology for hardware is very high, and in order to better effect of VR experience, we have said for VR aspects of speech.

Mr. Jin Yang, senior manager of corporate communications at NVIDIA corp., was interviewed by ZOL in the 2016 computer show in Taipei. Said in an interview, Mr Golden ocean is VR is a very important thing, a tipping point, and further to detonate the PC game market, further set off 3 d game world, to ensure that all development ecology, based on VR to develop their own hardware, games, NVIDIA rely on GPU platform, not forcing anyone to do anything, it also determines the result is very good, the vast majority, or almost all of the vendors are based on NVIDIA development.

NVIDIA GPU for VR influence is very big, you can believe or not, a helmet, the development of VR games, these two years, although there is a technical bottlenecks, but fundamentally, not decisive, why no one development of VR games five years ago, five years ago and now what's the difference? Or GPU, because no Geforce five years ago, GTX980TI, Titanic, no more no 1080, 1070, could not find the household equipment in a PC output display performance enough VR games, you can find the chip, also can develop VR, developed to play. Because everyone knows from the resolution, the display effect for the principle of VR games at least seven times of ordinary 3 d games, we can put the XPS was reduced from 90 to 20, 30, is already very exaggerated game, later very abnormal condition of the game, further reduced from 40 to 20, never a game can reach 7 times, from the performance of the I frame from 100 to 10 frames, this has never been a, but VR games is so fast. The VR app has gone too far for the GPU and killed the product directly before 980TI.

What happens when NVIDIA realizes that the product is at least seven times as fast as it needs to be? Over the course of a year, what will NVIDIA do to the industry and VR? And what about future plans? Please look forward to the report from ZOL this year.

The article reprinted the source: the names of the big players at the computex Taipei computer show, http://vga.zol.com.cn/638/6384487.html