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The 2017 Asian consumer electronics show (CES Asia) will break many exhibition records

Date,:2017-05-23The editor : Iproda

The consumer technology association of America (CTA) announced today that the 2017 Asian consumer electronics show will be a global and unprecedented event. Four months before the opening, the third Asian consumer electronics show has sold a net exhibition area of 10,500 square meters (112,902 square feet), up 10 percent from the same period last year. The Asian consumer electronics show is co-sponsored by the consumer technology association of the United States and sponsored by the Shanghai international exhibition center co., LTD. The 2017 Asian consumer electronics show will open at the new international expo center in Shanghai, China, on June 7, 2017.

Asia's consumer electronics show in 2017 more than 200 famous enterprises determine the exhibition, including the iron triangle (Audio Technica), baidu, Continental (Continental Automotive Holding), digital China, xinjiang, Fossil/Misfit, Garmin (Garmin), Gibson brand (Gibson Brands), haier, huawei, Intel, Letv, magic sound (Monster), four dimensional figure, enbridge (Onkyo), OtterBox (otter box), Pioneer electronics (Pioneer), Scosche, su ning, the United States the post office (USPS), UPS, Valeo (Valeo), Volvo, audi rich (Voxx), and crown (Wacom) and HaoXiang (Yuneec), etc. More information will be released in the next few weeks at the Asian consumer electronics show's official website, CESAsia.com.

"Asia's consumer electronics show is a fast-growing industry exhibition," the consumer electronics show consumer technology association and enterprise business strategy, senior vice President of ms Karen check cloth card (Karen Chupka) said: "the continuous expansion of the exhibition is to reflect the trend of the rapid development of the Asian market, the technology innovation technology related industries are racing to release here. Our exhibitions are becoming global companies to release new products, and establish lasting cooperation in the Asian market indispensable important activities."

Consumer electronics show in Asia in 2017 is expected to attract more than 2017 people attended, and more than 1100 Chinese and international media for more than 450 exhibitors of the 19 major product category innovation, including the fast-growing areas such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the Internet of things, and virtual reality, etc.

The 2017 Asian consumer electronics show is now open. For more information about participating or exhibition, please visit CESAsia.com.

Tip: journalists who enter China from abroad must hold j-1 or j-2 visas. For more information on the Asian consumer electronics show, please contact Brian Moon contact: bmoon@CTA.tech (email) or + 1 703-907-4351 (telephone)