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Japanese chiba international electronic high-tech expo

Date,:2017-05-23The editor : Iproda

Japan chiba international electronic high and new science and technology exhibition sponsored by the information communication network industry institute of Japan, has held since 2000, has successfully held the 17 th, will usher in the 18th 2017. CEATECJAPAN is one of the world's most advanced technology, products and services. IT is also a comprehensive and professional exhibition in the world. CEATECJAPAN not only shows the major Japanese electronics company of new technologies, products, systems and software, more electronic components, equipment, services and content, etc., let the audience to experience the world's cutting-edge technology in a timely manner. CEATECJAPAN has launched a series of BBS and workshops over the same period, tracking the technology development front and focusing on the technical focus of the industry.

With more than 500 exhibitors and close to 150,000 viewers, CEATECJAPAN gathers the industry's popularity and provides communication platforms to help you win more business opportunities. At the same time, ceatecjapanwill also set up the BtoB activity zone, CEATECSuite, to organize the business talks between the audience and exhibitors. Ten years, in the three organizers Japan communication information network industry association (CIAJ), Japan's electronic information technology industries association (JEITA), Japan's personal computer software association (JPSA) of the joint efforts of the exhibition has become the forefront in the field of national electronic Asia and Japan, the largest, the product the widest range of world-class exhibition. So if you and your company focus on the Japanese market, CEATEC is your best bet. The show represents the latest industry trends. Here are all the new products and concepts that are relevant -- here is the ideal place for you to show your creativity.

Market analysis

Japan in the electronic mobile communications, low energy environmental protection vehicles, machinery, industrial robots, optical, chemical, semiconductor and metal with a number of fields such as the world's leading technology and award-winning. Japan accounts for more than half of the world's industrial robots. Japan's electronics and high-tech manufacturers include SONY, panasonic, Canon, sharp, Toshiba and Hitachi. Japan international electronic high and new science and technology exhibition will be a Chinese companies for the Japanese market share, expanding to day trade, expand the Asian market channels of commercial opportunity. China is Japan's largest trading partner, the second largest export destination and the largest source of imports.

In the first six months of 2016, Japan's exports to China were $128.83 billion, according to the Japanese customs. Among them, Japan exported $529.5 billion to China. Japan imports $758.8 billion from China. Japan's trade deficit was $22.94 billion. Japan's imports from China main items for mechanical and electrical products, textiles and raw materials and furniture, toys, June 1 - imports are $34.28 billion, $9.97 billion and $4.52 billion respectively, mechanical and electrical products, textiles and raw materials fell by 3.3% and 4.4% respectively, furniture toys grew 2.4%, accounted for 45.2% of Japan's total imports from China, 13.1% and 6.0%.

We invite you to participate in this exhibition, and we are looking forward to exploring the market with you. For more details of the exhibition, please pay attention to the foreign trade bureau's designated exhibition platform, www.showguide.cn or contact customer service at 400-8855-088.