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The fifth China electronic information expo is held in shenzhen

Date,:2017-05-23The editor : Iproda

With "open intelligent era" as the theme of "the fifth China electronic information expo 2017", (hereinafter referred to as the CEF) on April 9 to 11 held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, the opening ceremony presided over by shenzhen Gao Yu jump, deputy secretary-general of the people's government. The fair is jointly sponsored by the national ministry of industry and the shenzhen municipal government, China electronics corporation and shenzhen flat display industry association jointly undertake, in the original "shenzhen optoelectronic display week and China (international) color TV festival", "the 81th session of China's electronics (CEF)", "China (shenzhen) consumer electronics show" and so on electronic information industry, famous exhibitions on the basis of integration. It is the largest exhibition in shenzhen after the meeting of gao and wen bo.

The exhibition the cordial care and guidance of leaders at all levels, from April 9 to 1 in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, exhibition with more than 100000 square meters exhibition area, from more than 1700 exhibitors, including new rise 'on-shore "deep shantou special zone" (shanwei) species of new energy group and overseas exhibitors attracting many of those refs.

This session of exhibition varieties has more than 1500 pieces of new product launches, CanGuanRen days nearly 100000 person-time, there are over 4000 overseas buyers and more than 20 theme by nearly 20 professional seminars, and other industry of the exhibition hall, become the country's first-class comprehensive electronic exhibition platform in Asia.

This session will ZhanZhu pavilion pavilion set 1 as the theme pavilions: exhibition varieties are: intelligent robots, 3 d printers, software and the Internet cloud computing, software products and information services, etc.; And digital audio-visual exhibition area: smart TV, audio, digital home, digital products, mobile intelligent terminal exhibition, smart phones, tablets, smart cars, etc.

In addition, the author in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pavilion exhibition site to see the content more rich electronic instruments and equipment, high-performance lithium special electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical electronic products such as new energy and artificial intelligence ZhuanGuan, hand in hand to show number of AI ecosystem partners manufacturers of all kinds of new energy including software, intelligent hardware, robots and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), unionpay payment, express delivery business, such as artificial intelligence related products and technology, etc.

The exposition of the target is: strive to be "industry leaders, first in Asia, the world first-class", highly international influence of electronic information industry's annual event. After all previous efforts, China's electronic information exposition to become Asia's largest, most complete industry chain of electronic information fair, activity and same BBS topic the most rich and wide coverage of electronic information have more than one class show visiting team to visit, such as "shenzhen baoan electronic town visiting team". At the same time, there were news reports in the news media. The fair has a good reputation in the electronic information industry and enterprises, and has become an influential exhibition platform for the industry.