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2017 Hong Kong spring electronics exhibition review

Date,:2017-05-23The editor : Iproda

Sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council of Hong Kong spring electronics show 2017 will be held from April 13 to 16, 2017 held in wanchai, Hong Kong convention and exhibition, also held international ict expo. April 13 to 16, four days of Hong Kong spring electronics show perfect ending at Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, the organizers of the Hong Kong trade development council in order to adapt to some of electronic science and technology in the past two years, the new AR/VR, robots and unmanned control technology, smart home, intelligent wear four theme exhibition, shenzhen epps of science and technology research and development of the exhibition also with many new high-end products at the exhibition, favoured by many brand businesses for the exhibition brings popularity!


Company promises to the cohesion between with customers, so as to rapidly improve enterprise brand and service propaganda value, eventually making brand advertising on the result more accurate and effective, the show has been from France, Italy, Germany, Britain, the United States and other countries and regions of customers to the company's newly developed showed a great interest, many projects are also further in the coming negotiation. "IPRODA unique design style, in the present session of exhibition attracted customers from various countries around the world come to the booth site. And in the exhibition a complete success!