About us
Designed, tooled and produced injection molded plastic enclosures/cases for consumer electronic devices such asTablet PCs, SMART Phones, MP3/MP4 etc..


Company to "excellent quality, quality service" as its purpose, and constantly strive to enhance the product technology content, quality performance at the same time, 

advocate professional, personalized application of IT consumer fashion.  

The company has a precision mold plastic factory, responsible for customized design and production, professional, standardized, clean, rigorous, technical, advanced 

management, for you to create the best quality of service and confidence guarantee.  

The company is committed to the brand of EPPs in domestic and overseas promotion, sales and customer service service; to "excellent quality, excellent service" for 

the purpose, and constantly working to enhance scientific and technological content, product quality performance and promote the professional and personalized 

application IT fashion.  

We adhering to the beyond philosophy, with continuous innovation as the driving force for development, and constantly improve the product design and development, 

and constantly create new opportunities; strive to provide better and more high-quality products and services to customers at home and abroad to meet the IT industry 

market for the product update needs upgrading.